Telling Myself to Be Happy

January 29, 2012

(Delayed post from 12/9/2011.)

Today I am rocking massive hair. It is curly, voluminous, and floats like a misshapen cloud around my head. I am wearing my over-the-knee black boots (perhaps the only non-human entity I have ever truly loved) and oversized dark sunglasses, and Aventura is crooning sweet sadness into the headphones buried beneath my black-and-white-checkered earmuffs, and I stand at this dusty bus stop in sub-freezing weather waiting an interminably long time for the 813, a bus that I will literally have to shove through a crowd to be able to enter.

Today, Beijing’s sky is a clear blue, and I am living my dream.


One Response to “Telling Myself to Be Happy”

  1. Arlene said

    You’re so brave Sarah for living your dream!

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