Laughing at Absurdity on a Monday Morning

February 13, 2012

Me: Dude. Do you ever ride the train to work? I will never ever ever again complain about new york’s 6 line.

Expat friend: Haha I have a driver for work, but I have experienced beijing line 1 during rush hour! Crazy

Me: I waited for four trains to pass by, and people were literally screaming with fury, breathing right into my ear, spooning me tightly in a way I have never been spooned publicly before.

Me: 😀

Friend: Yeh it isn’t the most enjoyable train system, well depending on your outlok public spooning could be a positive start to the day haha

Friend: It couldn’t have upset you to much, specially putting a smiley face in haha

Me: Hahahahahaha. I am a bit traumatized. Good thing I don’t require a typical American bubble. But after I wrote public spooning I did have to kinda laugh a little…

Me: I think laughing at absurdity is what keeps expats resilient.


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