Things I Love About Beijing

March 7, 2012

  • People can be smashed into the most uncomfortably close quarters on the train and yet almost never complain
  • People just let loose and sing to themselves regularly on the street
  • People just let loose and release all-out gargantuan yawns, with the accompanying gargantuan sounds, in the randomest places
  • Public toilets are everywhere
  • Extremely frequent trains
  • No train re-routing (like in New York)
  • All restaurants are required to make their restrooms open to the public (if they have them)
  • If a restaurant doesn’t have a restroom, it probably has a sink where you can wash your hands
  • Buses cost approximately six cents USD
  • Text messaging is an acceptable form of communication with potential employers
  • I can ask for hot water in a restaurant and no one will think it’s strange
  • If I ask for water in a restaurant, the server wouldn’t think of putting ice in it
  • I can tell a security guard I would rather not place my bag through the X-ray machine and she will wordlessly just watch me walk past

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