“Welcome Home,” Says Boston, Like Nevah

February 27, 2013

Her left arm and her head hang out the window of a big black SUV. “Hey, ya leavin’?” she calls out to me.

“I am,” I respond. She wants my parking spot, and so I pull out the key to my mom’s minivan.

Photo from http://www.keepyoureyeontheprize.org/News.html.

“BACK UP!” she hollers. I look up again. Her head is still hanging out the window, and she’s looking back at the big UPS truck behind her.

He’s polite. “Lady, I have like a million cars behind me!” Although clearly exasperated, he shifts gears and backs up the six inches between the back of his truck and the front of the car behind him.

I stand on tiptoes. He wasn’t kidding. There are six cars behind him. “BACK UP!!!” She screams back immediately.

The hollering lady is right next to my minivan, and if she doesn’t move, no one’s going to move, including me. I roll my eyes and climb in.

She tries again, “BACK UP!”

He’s had enough, and his voice is louder. “GO!

Her tires squeal and her SUV sprints forward, but her vitriol carries loudly on the air behind her: “F@#)ING A$%^&*()!@.”

Nothing like home, sweet home.

Plympton Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge 


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