Let’s take ridiculous action shots, he said.

May 6, 2013

It was a big empty space right down the hall from the 1871 office space.

1871 was celebrating its one-year anniversary as Chicago’s premier startup coworking space.


We walked in, and there were colorful lights, and music, and toilet bowl racing, and poly pong, and sweets, and vegetarian burgers, and drinks.

Let’s race! he said.

Let’s play poly pong, he said.

Let’s get food, he said.

Let’s get another drink, he said.

If you win an iPad mini, will you give it to me? he asked. So did he.

Let’s take ridiculous action shots, he said.

And so we did.


Let’s do laser tag, or drink beer, or eat chocolate, said very few “she”s at all.

I wonder why?


4 Responses to “Let’s take ridiculous action shots, he said.”

  1. Thank you for this brilliant post . Will now more daily . Greetings from Cologne

  2. The guy on the right looks like he’s getting some excellent elevation, although I suppose we can’t see the floor for reference.

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