If there is anything that guides me in life, it is curiosity.

I am curious about how people think, so I make friends with artists in lush green parks and sandwich makers in busy corner delis, and I argue politics with them and ask their opinions on social phenomena. I am curious about how the sound of a language would feel on my tongue, so I move somewhere new and I roll the local words around in my mouth, tasting them, bending my tongue around them, trying to make them sound like the words being spoken by my neighbors. I am curious about whether or not it is really possible to make the world a better place, and so I take a job working for a human rights organization. Then I get curious as to what anthropologists would have to say about all of this, and so I spend a year at the U of Chicago. I am curious what it would feel like to coordinate my torso, the fingers on my hands, and the feet in my high-heeled shoes with the sounds of a clave and a double-bass, and so I learn to dance to Hector Lavoe.

And then, I am fascinated with my findings, and I am devastated at the thought that my nears and dears are not experiencing these discoveries with me, and so I become curious as to how, for example, the combined scents of squawking chickens, car exhaust, and street food on my morning walk to the train would look like on paper.  And so I investigate, and hereby present my findings to you.

I hope you become just as curious, and perhaps question my findings.


Sarah Pinho is a native Bostonian in transition between Beijing and Chicago and is excited to have uncensored access to her blog and Twitter again. On a regular basis, she studies Chinese, writes a lot, teaches LSAT prep, does market research, and conducts informational interviews with everyone in Chicago’s PR industry. 

In her downtime, she dances to Latin music and craves Chinese Sichuan cuisine. One day, she’s going to make the best malaxiangguo ever known to humankind. You’ll be invited to taste it.

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4 Responses to “About Curiously Yours”

  1. lostnchina said

    So glad I stumbled onto your blog via a Twitter feed. I’m following!

  2. Arlene said

    Beautifully written.

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